Birthday Girl Beauty

I absolutely love birthdays, its the one day out of the year that is all about you. Personally, I feel like everyday should be about me, but I can settle for one day. In honor of my birthday I wanted to show everyone my favorite birthday related beauty items, well six of them. I got … Continue reading

Welcome to the Blacklist, NYX Cosmetics

Occasionally we hear about things that are too good to be true; lipstick that stays all day, eyeliner that truly doesn’t smear, and NYX holding a 12th anniversary sale. This past Sunday, May 15th, NYX launched an amazing sale, pretty much everything on the site was $1.2o, that’s a discount of up to 90%! Sounds … Continue reading

Secret (Beauty) Agents

Ask any modern beauty and she’s bound to tell you that there have been times when she has had to improvise in her beauty regimen. When you’re in a pinch and you find that you’re missing a key part of your beauty routine. it might feel like you’re on the verge of a meltdown, all … Continue reading

Moms: The Original Beauty Guru’s

Mom’s are the original beauty guru’s, its no surprise some of the best beauty lessons I ever learned were from my own mom. Over the years she has taught me many important lessons; from how to make a blueberry pie to how to choose my foundation. The beauty industry would not be where it is … Continue reading

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding ceremonies are many things; beautiful, happy, tearful, and the epitome of love. The hours leading up to a wedding are something else entirely; hectic, crazy, and frantic. The brides and bridesmaids are always running behind, something will get messed up, the best man will forget the rings, something always goes wrong. Things like that … Continue reading

The Name Game

Parents spend months deciding on what they should name their child, with good reason. The name that is chosen is the one that they are stuck with for life. You would think that companies planning the launch of new products would spend the same amount of time trying to decide on the perfect name. However … Continue reading

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