Make-Up Expiration Dates

Every woman has a few make-up items that they’ve had for years, it might be a favorite lip gloss or an eyeshadow. Did you ever think that wearing that old fave could actually be a bacteria breeding ground? It’s true. Make-up has an expiration date just like food, you wouldn’t drink expired milk so why use expired … Continue reading

Hello, Bright Eyes

One of the questions I get asked most often as a make-up artist is, “What eyeshadow colors will make my eyes pop?” The easiest way to make your eye color pop is to use colors that are the opposite of your natural color, all you need to do is look at the color wheel and … Continue reading

The Foundation of Your Make-Up Routine

Foundation is complicated, you walk into the drugstore and you are bombarded with terrible fluorescent lighting and 64,387.4638,946 different options. How are you supposed to pick one? How do you know what to look for, and what color is best? Don’t panic. There are a few simple steps that can ensure you are getting the right foundation … Continue reading

Get Your Glow On

Dewy, ethereal, glowy skin is in for spring in a major way. It was all over the runway, and it can be yours  too. The best way to achieve this look is to use a liquid or creme highlighter. These illuminating products can come in different shades and textures but they all offer an iridescent sheen to … Continue reading

Under Eye Bags, they’re not all they’re puffed up to be.

When I woke up this morning I was struck with a fate worse than a dreaded hangover, UNDER EYE BAGS. (Dun dun dun) We are not talking cute little clutches  here – these were more like overnight bags. Weekend bags, even. Needless to say, they were huge, they were dark, and they were not budging. Whats … Continue reading

Gimme’ Some Lash

Sexy, sultry, beautiful eyes are what every woman wants, right? Follow these tips and you’ll be batting those babies all night long. Enjoy! To make an eyelash curler work even better, use your hairdryer to heat it up before you curl  your lashes. The heat will make the curl last longer. When using an eyelash curler, … Continue reading

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