Birthday Girl Beauty

I absolutely love birthdays, its the one day out of the year that is all about you. Personally, I feel like everyday should be about me, but I can settle for one day. In honor of my birthday I wanted to show everyone my favorite birthday related beauty items, well six of them. I got lazy. 

Benefit Birthday Suit, $19 – I love a good cream eye shadow, this does not disappoint. Aptly called “Birthday Suit” this is the perfect nude color, with just a hint of shimmer. 

Philosophy the Birthday Party, $18 – This delectable set takes everything I love about birthdays and puts them into a body wash. Who doesn’t want to smell like a cake anyway? 

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Gloss, $10 – The only thing hat could make this gloss better was if it tasted like cake, and had less calories. 

Hello Kitty Charmmy Eye Shadow Stick in Birthday Cake, $16 – These sticks make applying shadows a breeze, and the color is reminiscent of a vanilla cake. Love it. 

Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lip Gloss in Cupcake, $15 – Although Kandee Johnson has me off of cupcakes permanently, I can never pass off a lipgloss. This rosy pink is perfect for my birthday look. 

Urban Decay the Quincerna Bag, $26 – In celebration of their 15th birthday they released this giant purple bag. Its perfect for travel, pretty and functional. 


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