Spring Mascara

Spring has (almost) sprung, and so have an assortment of new mascaras! Some of the top beauty brands have recently released new formulas, they are pulling out all the stops. Can you say rotating mascara wand? Dior can. Here’s my top picks and best buys for the new season. DiorShow 360 Mascara ($36) – What … Continue reading

Don’t be a “Lobster Face”

Lobster Face- “Someone who has spent too much time in either a tanning bed or outside in the sun, and now has red burnt face, resembling a lobster.”Being a Lobster Face is not sexy, however having a glowing golden complexion is. Obviously laying out for hours by the pool, or fake baking in a tanning bed is … Continue reading

Tastefully Nude

…lips that is I have come to the conclusion that whomever came up with the term “nude lip” must have been on something. The “nude lip” has been around for years, but seriously? A “nude lip” – or the white out look that has covered lips all over the runways and occasionally the catwalks on … Continue reading

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