Secret (Beauty) Agents

Ask any modern beauty and she’s bound to tell you that there have been times when she has had to improvise in her beauty regimen. When you’re in a pinch and you find that you’re missing a key part of your beauty routine. it might feel like you’re on the verge of a meltdown, all you need to do is make use of one of these common “secret agent” items.

These products are the James Bond‘s of beauty, and the best part? They’re so inconspicuous, that no one will be the wiser. Ladies, get your secret agent on!

  • Toilet paper or toilet seat covers instead of blotting paper
  • A knife instead of a mirror to check your lipstick
  • Nail polish to prevent a run for getting larger in your stockings
  • A toothbrush as an eyebrow groomer
  • A toothbrush as a lip exfoliant
  • Conditioner as shaving cream
  • Matchbook cover as a nail file
  • Brow tint to cover gray hairs or root touch ups
  • Loose powder on the roots to soak up oil
  • Lotion to fight frizzy hairs
  • Tea bags on the eyes to help with puffiness
  • Olive oil as moisturizer for dry skin
  • Toothpaste instead of acne treatments

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