Walk of Shame Essentials

Whether its a “walk of shame” or a “stride of pride” the morning after isn’t usually one of your most beautiful moments. Having a few necessities with you though can really help you save face. Ladies, go grab that cute little clutch and start packing! Concealer – My favorite for a long night out is Benefit … Continue reading


Imagine a site where you can get all of your favorite make-up brands at a discount of up to 80%, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Now imagine even deeper discounts on certain products every week, video reviews, and private sales. Move over Prince Charming, BeautyTicket.com has stolen my heart. BeautyTicket.com is probably the … Continue reading

Don’t be a “Lobster Face”

Lobster Face- “Someone who has spent too much time in either a tanning bed or outside in the sun, and now has red burnt face, resembling a lobster.”Being a Lobster Face is not sexy, however having a glowing golden complexion is. Obviously laying out for hours by the pool, or fake baking in a tanning bed is … Continue reading

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