Practice Safe Sun

Acronyms are supposed to be short and sweet ways of remembering more complicated words. In the world of sun protection though, there are far too many to keep everything straight. We go from SPF to UVA and UVB, then you can throw in some FDA and the list goes on. Keeping all of them straight … Continue reading

April Showers Bring…FlowerbyKenzo

This year I am not waiting for mother nature to bring on the flowers, I’ve got my own. It’s FlowerbyKenzo, my favorite spring fragrance. The scent is classified as an oriental floral, which means it’s not too flowery and not too spicy, it’s just right. Even Goldilocks herself would be obsessed. Generally when I think … Continue reading

Five for Friday – Five under Five

Staying beautiful doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are tons of beauty products out there for under $5, here’s 5 of my favorites! 1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils $4.50 At $4.50 a pop these pencils are not only going to make your wallet happy, but your eyes too! The pigment and staying power that … Continue reading

Magical MAC

It’s a powder! It’s a liquid! It’s Magically Cool Liquid Powders by MAC! You may have heard of these wonder products before when they were featured in the Disney Villain’s collection, they’re back and  here to stay, permanently. These powders will be magically appearing in stores starting on May 5th, just in time for summer. … Continue reading

Lips that bite

Vampires and vampire paraphernalia can be found just about everywhere, its taking over the pop culture. The trend is ruling the box office, the small screen, spawning tons of book series, and quite frankly, getting on my nerves. Luckily, this post is not about any of that. As a connoisseur of all things beauty I … Continue reading

Five for Friday – Earth Day Edition

We all know that taking care of the Earth is something we should all be doing. I’ve been doing my part, and so should you! Every little bit counts and so, as you traipse through the aisles of Sephora consider eco-friendly cosmetics. As a consumer this definitely constitutes doing your part, who knew taking care … Continue reading

The pen is mightier than the…pencil?

I love eyeliner, as far as my make-up looks go, eyeliner is a must in every look. Using a pencil can be nice, and its easier to correct any mistakes, however it doesn’t always deliver. A pen style eye liner makes it easy for you to channel your inner make-up artist and line those peepers … Continue reading

Five for Friday – Lip Balms

With the winter weather on it’s way out, chapped lips need to be on the way out too. The only problem? That’s much easier said than done. To get soft lips you need to to exfoliate and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The key to picking a good lip balm is finding one with the best ingredients typically shea butter, … Continue reading

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding ceremonies are many things; beautiful, happy, tearful, and the epitome of love. The hours leading up to a wedding are something else entirely; hectic, crazy, and frantic. The brides and bridesmaids are always running behind, something will get messed up, the best man will forget the rings, something always goes wrong. Things like that … Continue reading

The Name Game

Parents spend months deciding on what they should name their child, with good reason. The name that is chosen is the one that they are stuck with for life. You would think that companies planning the launch of new products would spend the same amount of time trying to decide on the perfect name. However … Continue reading

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