Madonna’s Controversial Skin Care Regimen

Madonna has been around for what seems like forever, she is a major style icon and has influenced some of the biggest names in the industry. She has managed to have a career spanning decades, become a mother, launch a clothing line, and so much more all while looking like she isn’t a day over 35. The aging process seems to have completely stopped, her skin is as radiant and smooth as ever.

As a celebrity Madonna has been in the spotlight and the center of controversy for years. Her latest controversy has taken the beauty industry by storm. You’ve probably heard of the revolutionary new skin care brand called “Adobe Photoshop,” if not you need to climb out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Adobe utilizes some of the most innovative ingredients on the market, including Tiger Blood derived from Charlie Sheen, silicone from Heidi Montage, as well as GTL, a highly unstable and addictive chemical derived naturally from the cast of Jersey Shore. When combined these ingredients help to stop the aging process, give you a winning complexion, and immediate results that rival having 10 plastic surgery procedures done in one day. The main side effect, brain cell destruction has been associated with other celebrities using the cream, such as Lindsay Lohan.

Madonna is claiming that the brand has changed her life, and has given her a second shot at youth. She is now speaking out on behalf of the brand, and writing her tell-all book,  “My Wrinkle Free Life,” which explains the Adobe Photoshop lifestyle. As an excerpt from her book shows, the side effects of using Adobe’s Day Cream are well worth it.

“I have been feeling the side effects, I now enjoy coloring more than I used to and I have noticed that my speech has slowed. Look at my face though, I believe that the results are worth it…Also my youthful looks have caught the eye of a new admirer, Justin Bieber [alleged hermaphrodite] and we couldn’t be happier together. “

Below is a sneak peak of the ad set to be released later this week featuring a before and after shot of Madonna, using the cream. What do you think? Is beauty worth it?


3 Responses to “Madonna’s Controversial Skin Care Regimen”
  1. paul says:

    that was funny. i like how the skin creme changes your eye color also…

  2. betender says:

    Yeah Adobe Photoshop day cream? Totally believable. I have one too!

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